Donegal wool wrist warmers | Rove Knitwear | Green – reste

Donegal wool wrist warmers (green)


These unisex fingerless gloves are knitted in 100% Irish Donegal wool, spun and dyed in Donegal and feature a soft, close-fitting rib cuff that fits snugly around your wrists, preventing cold air from creeping in. With your fingers free to move, you can easily tackle outdoor tasks, type, and use your touch screen while keeping your hands warm.

This essential winter accessory is designed and hand finished by Rove Knitwear in the UK using wool which is fully traceable and sourced from farms that do not practise mulesing.

  • Unisex (Hand length 16-19cm)
  • 100% Irish Donegal wool
  • Hand wash at 20 degrees using a gentle wool detergent
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