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Meditation essential oil blend


If you find it hard to switch off your active mind and enter a meditative state, then this Meditation Pure Essential Oil Blend can help. This blend contains lavender, thyme and ylang ylang, three oils high in linalool. The compound linalool is known to increase alpha brain waves, which are present during states of meditation.

Lavender (French) (Lavender officinalis) - Lavender oil is very high in linalool, and can help to stabilise you if you are having a restless meditation session. The soothing, calming properties of lavender promote mindfulness and help to distract from discomfort or unease.

Thyme (White) (Thymus vulgaris) - Also rich in linalool, thyme oil can promote focus and peacefulness. The oil has a balancing effect on mood, preventing any distracting mood swings.

Ylang Ylang (Complete) (Cananga odorata) - Ylang ylang is often said to have a 'harmonising' effect, helping us to level our emotions and feel contented. This uplifting effect, coupled with its high linalool content, enhances the quality of meditation.

Combine 5-7 drops of the oil with water and add to an oil burner or diffuser or just add several drops to your bath water.

  • 100% Pure Natural Essential Oil
  • 10ml glass bottle in a small box
  • Ethically Sourced and not tested on animals. Vegan friendly.
  • Do not apply undiluted to skin.
  • Avoid use during pregnancy.
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