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Karan terracotta candle (Lavender)


Karan handmade candles resemble the terracotta pot that Indian women are often seen carrying when returning from the well. They are handmade by the Dalit People of India.

For over 3000 years the Dalits have been positioned at the bottom of India's society and are subject to the most aggressive and dehumanising abuse. They are born into a culture that devalues them from birth with society considering them lower than animals. The term ‘Dalit’ literally translates to downtrodden or oppressed and there are 250 million Dalits who are exposed to this injustice. 

Money from each candle purchased supports the charity Life Association who works with the Dalit people building and managing schools and children's homes in India. Giving hope to children who may be hopeless, exploited, and in many cases, abused.

This Karan candle is made from beeswax and has a Lavender scent with a hint of vanilla. Also available with a coconut scent. Each candle comes in a gift box.

  • Approx burn time: 26 Hours
  • 8cm (dia) x 6.5cm (h)
  • Blended beeswax
  • Lavender with a hint of vanilla
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