Imogen Taylor-Noble

Imogen has been making work in clay since 1985, exploring the vessel and live flame firings. She trained at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts gaining a degree in 1990. She was awarded a Post Graduate Diploma in Integrative Arts Psychotherapy in 1998 from the Institute for Arts in Therapy & Education. She has taught ceramics and textiles in interesting and diverse settings, including The City Lit in London, Holloway Women’s Prison and more recently residential care settings for the elderly. 

Imogen speaks about how her place in nature has influenced her work...

Nature and ecology have remained underlying themes for my work and inform my interest in using place specific materials. I live by the coast, close to an ancient woodland. Using seaweed and oyster shells in my firings enables me to inhabit the links between the creative process and the materials of my environment. I also use clay from the beach as a decorative slip, and wood ash from the local woodlands as a glaze ingredient.

The processes of gathering, drying, blending and sieving these basic ingredients are physical and simple. They are also time consuming. Being connected to the materials at this level allows me to get to know them and to notice and work with their particular qualities.

As humans who have evolved on this earth I am sure that we all seek feelings of connection with nature in our ever disconnected lives. My work aims to create a space for re-connection, to the planet and to our role as temporary stewards. I continue to teach experimental approaches to making and firing and to bang the drum for more sustainable and connected ways of living.

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