Air plant (Tillandsia Caput Medusae)

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Tillandsia Caput Medusae is one of the hardiest air plants. Named after the Greek goddess Medusa and her hair of snakes, the leaves are smooth and project up and out from a bulbous base. Native to Central and South America, the Tillandsia grows on trees using its small roots to anchor itself on a tree branch.

Air plants are epiphytic, meaning that they live by absorbing water and nutrients through the leaves, rather than from soil. Air plants use their roots only for attaching themselves to rocks, trees and shrubs. Planting this type of epiphyte will cause its small roots to rot.

Air plants can be grown in crevices or depressions of a gnarled piece of wood or tucked into a seashell. As they are warm weather lovers they can thrive indoors in the UK and take very little care, just a regular light spray of water.

Tillandsia are live plants and so may differ subtly in colour and size from that pictured.  

  • Approx 8cm
  • Air plant
  • Requires a regular spray of water
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