Campfire Incense (Cedar)

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Harvested from Siskiyou Cedar native to South Oregon's forest lined beaches these campfire incense sticks produce a true scent of the dense mossy environment blended with aromatic ginger. Made from only natural wild crafted plants, tree sap, bark and wood to get a real sense of being huddled round the campfire listening to the waves crashing against craggy rocks nearby. 

Juniper Ridge specialise in natural aromatics and are dedicated to the preservation of the wilderness. All of their aromatics and herbs come from the wild and are always sustainably and responsibly harvested. These campfire incense sticks contain no perfumes, charcoal, additives or hidden ingredients.

Scent notes: Ginger Cedar, Redwood bark, Coastal Spruce boughs, Oregon Myrtle flower

  • No hidden ingredients
  • No charcoal or perfume
  • 20 sticks per pack

Ingredients: Sustainably harvested plants, tree sap, wood and bamboo 

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