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Eco-friendly kitchen cleaner

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Safe to use on all surfaces KINN's multi-surface kitchen spray is fragranced with lavender and rosemary essential oils which also happen to be anti-bacterial too! We do recommend to do a patch test if spraying on painted wood. 

KINN is a mother and daughter team set to rid your home of petrochemicals, animal by-products and synthetic fragrances. All their products are made in the UK and are plant based and eco-friendly.

  • 500ml
  • Plant based
  • Eco-friendly

Ingredients: De-ionised water (de ionised/demineralised water that has passed through filters to remove minerals); Sodium citrate (non- EDTA metal ion chelator from soy); Sodium carbonate (baking soda- disperses safely in the environment; abundant mineral source); Alky poly glucoside (surfactant – cleaning agent); fragrance (lavender & rosemary oil); Phenoxyethanol (preservative)

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