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Cocktail herbs seed collection

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A deluxe collection of three seed packets to help you grow sophisticated herbs for your homemade cocktails.

Though the classic mojito is made with mint - best with Moroccan Spearmint - you can use other herbs as zinged-up alternatives for this cocktail. Enjoy a tart, herbaceous, refreshing Shiso Mojito, for example, or a lemony and relaxing Lemon Balm Mojito to relieve stress after a tough day!

Piccolo is an Italian seeds company that offers select vegetables and plants for the space limited urban garden. Good things come in small packages and these seed packets that look more like a bar of chocolate are the perfect gift for a kitchen gardener. Herbs, vegetables and edible flowers all come with instructions on how to plant and harvest with tips, facts and even recipes. 

  • Perfect for small gardens and balconies
  • Full instructions
  • 100% GMO free
  • Open pollinated
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