Marbled Enamel Mug | Crow Canyon Splatterware Cup | Light Grey – reste

Splatterware Enamel Mug


Quintessentially American, Crow Canyon splatterware has been produced since 1977 and has become a classic. Enamel mugs are great for general use, indoor or outdoors for picnics and camping. 

Beginning at extremely high heat, porcelain is fused onto the steel base, making it safe for the oven and all heat sources. From there, the mug is hand-dipped  multiple times to build a porcelain base cover and top-coat that can withstand any heat source, including open flame.

For this traditional splatterware pattern, the light grey colour is then flicked on by hand using a specially designed brush. The marble pattern naturally varies from piece to piece, making each one unique.

  • 9cm x 8cm
  • Oven safe
  • Shatterproof
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