Drinking chocolate handies – reste

Drinking chocolate handies

Real chocolate made for melting with whole milk and cream. Just take six handies - a 6g chunk of chocolate - add a splash of milk and warm in a pan, mixing until you create a silky ganache. Add 180ml of whole milk and 20ml of double cream and heat to create a rich drinking chocolate that’s the perfect sweetness.

Heist is a chocolate maker based in Cardiff, Wales, specialising in micro-batches of stone ground chocolate, using single origin cacao beans that are hand sorted and roasted in a small factory in the centre of the city.

Owner Michael Lewis single handedly grinds and roasts every bean to make the most delicious chocolate.

  • Cocoa solids: 70% min
  • 250g 
  • Bean origin: Sambirano Valley, Madagascar
Ingredients: Organic cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter

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