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Idil Peshtemal


Rich in cultural heritage the peshtemal is a traditional Turkish towel that was often given as a wedding gift and used in Hamam's. Over the years this simplistic, lightweight all rounder has become popular as much more than a towel.

Endlessly versatile the peshtemal can be used indoors or out as beach or bath towels, as well as scarves, throws, wraps or even as a knotted bag. It is truly a multi-purpose ethical product with a rich lineage deeply rooted in the Turkish way of life.

The Idil is a bamboo and (non GMO) cotton blend peshtemal. Soft, light and quick to dry the Idil is great in the bathroom but also perfect to take with you on your travels or for those gym and yoga sessions. And if you need an extra layer as the seasonal temperatures cool, it makes an ideal scarf too.

Woven on traditional shuttle looms by master weavers in Buldan the Idil is finished with hand twisted and knotted fringing.

  • 95 x 190 cm
  • Bamboo and cotton blend
  • Machine washable
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