The Maker: Beyond Decorating - Crafting A Unique Space


In this book filled with inspiration, advice and projects, Tamara Maynes shows you how to achieve an intimate connection with your home by mastering different crafts.

She asks the question, "What can I craft with my own hands that will make my space special?" Drawing on her own practice and the work and musings of many she admires, Tamara hopes to stir 'the maker' in every reader; to encourage them to connect deeply and bring comfort, beauty and individuality to their home.

The Maker celebrates those who are already 'good with their hands', while offering encouragement and inspiration to those who are keen to learn. It shows how to craft a space and 'make' a home, in the most perfect sense.

  • Author: Tamara Maynes
  • Hardback
  • 272 pages
  • 26cm x 20cm
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