Mixed smudge sticks


A pack of three mini smudge sticks of Sage, Mugwort and Cedar by Juniper Ridge. Smudge Sticks can be lit to cleanse negative energies for a person or a place.

Mugwort is a type of plant that tends to grow on wastelands. The green leaves of mugwort are typically a silvery white colour underneath. 

Californian white sage is a type of incense that is used to cleanse and purify. It’s a popular choice for cleansing a room.

Cedar is an ingredient often found in incense sticks. Cedar smoke is traditionally used in Native American rituals.

Juniper Ridge specialise in natural aromatics and are dedicated to the  preservation of the wilderness. All of their aromatics and herbs come from the wild and are always sustainably and responsibly harvested.

  • Three smudge sticks
  • Sage, mugwort, cedar
  • 8cm to 9cm each
  • Sustainably harvested
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