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Spirit & Salt Mist


While salt sprays are often associated with the beach, coconut or summer, the truth is that salt sprays are for all those other days you don’t have an ocean dip at your fingertips.

This salt spray contains Chamaebatia Foliolosa, or ‘Kitkitdizze’, a fern like plant grown only on the western side of the Sierras, add to that a little Virginia cedarwood and clary sage essential oils and a few sprays will evoke the aroma of the forest.  

On dry hair, a few mists spritzed like a halo around your head will give you a nice bit of texture and umph. On damp hair, spray a good dose to inspire more wave and moveable body.

Fat & The Moon provides handcrafted, herbal body care products to those seeking natural and effective alternatives to chemical-filled products.

  • 4 fl oz
  • Natural
  • Spray on dry or damp hair 

Ingredients: distilled water; sea salt; vegetable glycerin*, grape spirits*, kitkitdizze**, essential oils of cedarwood* and clary sage*

*Organic **Ethically and Safely Wildcrafted 

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