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Unscented natural dog soap with oatmeal

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A natural coconut oil soap on a rope for your four-legged friend. Absolutely no nasties and totally plastic free. Coconut oil gives a high foaming and highly cleansing soap, perfect for those stinky paws, mucky muzzles and patches of fox poo all dogs seem to love. Also fantastic for greasy coats. 

Coconut oil is well known for its natural anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It contains Vitamin E and is an excellent moisturiser. Each bar contains just enough free-floating coconut oil to moisturise the skin without weighing down the coat.

As this soap is totally natural it is perfect for dogs prone to itchy skin conditions or those that are easily irritated by harsh detergents that some shampoos may contain.

This unscented soap contains nothing but coconut oil, lye, water and a little bit of oatmeal for added 'grip'. We all know how slippery a wet dog can be. It is unscented but leaves a faint 'soap' smell. 

  • Hemp rope to hang
  • 200g
  • Natural ingredients
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