German mangle cloth


A mangle cloth was used on the old roller ironing presses to protect other fabrics as they were passed through the mangle. Linen can be heated to a higher temperature than any other fibre so most often the mangling cloths are made of linen (flax).

They often come with coloured woven borders or stripes, usually in red and white but sometimes blue or other colour combinations. The stripes were a guide for inserting the cloth into the machine. Older mangle cloths like this one get a sheen and a silky weight and drape to them that new ones cannot hope to replace. 

This is only a section of the original cloth as generally a German mangle cloth can be nearly 300cms long. It has a raw selvedge edge on the sides and tabs sewn into hems on both ends. Because it is genuinely old the cloth may have slight imperfections and signs of age that add to its character. We have been lucky enough to source a number of these cloths all cut and finished exactly the same. 

  • 46cms x 104cms
  • Vintage German linen
  • Hemmed with tabs
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