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Green clay face mask

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Clay masks and baths have been used for hundreds of years to smooth and clean the skin. Give your skin a deep cleanse and vitamin boost with this all natural clay and kelp mask using only natural ingredients. A blend of lavender, palmarose and cedarwood is ideal for acneic and blemish prone skin.

Clay is highly absorbent, antiseptic and antimicrobial, it works by binding to and removing toxins, heavy metals and impurities from the pores. It is packed with minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and bentonite. 

Sea Kelp is rich in antioxidants and gives your skin powerful nutrient boost. Kelp or 'Seaweed' contains high levels of vitamin A and vitamin E and is also a brilliant anti-inflammatory.

Mix a small amount with water to form a paste and apply to the face. Wait until the clay has dried and then wash with warm water.

  • For oily, acneic and blemish prone skin
  • Rich in vitamin A and E
  • Anti-inflammatory 
  • Vegan and plastic free
  • 30g
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