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Beeswax tea lights
White sage smudge stick
Standard beeswax candles
Oakwood & tobacco soy candle
Stumpie beeswax candles
Limited edition orange spice candle
Fig & cassis soy candle
Raspberry & peppercorn soy candle
Giant stubby beeswax candles
Citrus & Basil soy candle
Lunette wax melts
Aroma Diffuser (Mint)
Lavender and orange candle
Sold Out
Palo Santo Incense
Meditation blend essential oil S05
Essential oil burner
Ochre wax melts
Geranium Lavender essential oil B16
Vetiver, cedarwood & bergmont candle
Happy blend essential oils S02
Nerola wax melts
Bergamot Mandarin essential oil B10
Fire bowl
Sold Out
Fire bowl
Neroli, grapefruit & lavender candle

56 results

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