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Yoga mat spray (Serene)


Use this spray to prep your space and refresh your yoga mat. Made with witch hazel floral water and essential oils.

During sunrise at the Temple of Dawn a warm breeze carries the scent of lemongrass and verbena which help you find your inner peace. Grounded by notes of cedarwood, Serene is a tranquil journey to help you unwind. Top notes of lemongrass and Spanish verbena; heart notes of amyris and base notes of Virginian cedarwood.

Spritz into the space in circular motions, or spray directly onto your yoga mat and wipe with a soft cloth to refresh

  • Large: 100ml, 14cm (h) 4.5cm (dia
  • Travel size: 10ml, 10cm (h) 2cm (dia)
  • Serene scent
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