NEWS | Reste opens in Hastings Old Town

If you follow me on Instagram or you live in Hastings then chances are you will know that reste has opened a shop. I signed the lease on a place in Hastings Old Town back in April and then spent the next two months working hard to get it ready to open in time for the summer season. 

The shop is at the end of George Street, in the centre of the Old Town. In its past life it has been a noodle bar, sandwich bar, fish and chip shop, you name a type of food that you can take away and it will have been sold in my shop!


When I took it on they still had the kitchen in the back room. The plan was to board and decorate this area so that it could be an office space. Everything had to be pulled out, the utilities sealed over, the floor boarded and the walls painted.


The shop had recently been decorated but unfortunately they had painted everything red so it needed quite a few coats. I had to add a shelf under the window, build a counter and fit new lights.



After painting the floor, I had to hang the shelf and the peg board, keeping my fingers crossed that the wall was solid enough to take the weight.

The night before opening I was able to bring in the stock.

The shop opened on the 21st June. After announcing it on Facebook I was delighted to see so many people come along to offer their support on my first day. In the past two months I have been overwhelmed by the goodwill and generosity of the people of Hastings and also the daily visitors. I'm looking forward to the next two months and hopefully the years to come. 


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Travel | Dungeness


Busy old fool, unruly sun,
Why dost thou thus,
Through windows, and through curtains call on us?

These are the words on the side of Prospect Cottage, Derek Jarman's former home in Dungeness, Kent. A small wooden bungalow with an interesting garden, fashioned out of pebbles, driftwood, scrap metal and a few hardy plants. 
If you've never been to Dungeness and you find yourself in this little corner of the country, I would recommend you drive out and spend a few hours.
A strip of headland accommodating two nuclear power stations, a nature reserve and a sprinkling of old railway carriages and derelict fishing boats doesn't sound like the type of place that you would recommend to someone for a day trip. Well Dungeness is different. It has an end of the earth appeal and fantastic light. A photographer's dream. Now the backdrop to numerous fashion shoots and album covers, this Kentish wonderland won't stay this way forever, visit soon before it loses its magic. 

Thou, sun, art half as happy as we,
               In that the world's contracted thus.
         Thine age asks ease, and since thy duties be
         To warm the world, that's done in warming us.







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News | West Elm pop up shop


I was delighted to be invited by 91 Magazine to have a pop up shop at West Elm in November. I love the magazine and having the chance to sell our beautiful products in London's Tottenham Court Road was an opportunity not to be missed. I had a great time, met lots of other independents and really enjoyed talking to people about the things we sell and the makers who craft them. I will definitely be looking for more opportunities to take reste on the road again!



west-elm-pop-up6west-elm-pop-up6Photos: Yeshen Venema91Magazine; reste

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Keywords | Hygge

hygge-resteProducts: Stumpie beeswax candleOjo De Dios blanket

Hygge has become the go to concept for marketing executives this winter. Perhaps with such global instability, it is no mystery why this Danish word has become foremost in people's minds. The irony is that hygge is about an atmosphere and an experience, rather than about things. The idea that real wealth is not what we can accumulate but what we have to share.

So what is Hygge? "Hygge has been translated as everything from 'the art of creating intimacy' to 'cosiness of the soul' to 'taking pleasure from the presence of soothing things'," claims Meik Wiking, author of The Little Book Of Hygge. Pronounced Hue-gah, hygge is about being, not having.

Our philosophy at reste is to live simply, to buy less and buy better. We work alongside artisans and makers who contribute to a simpler life through design, function and sustainability. We believe that by filling your home with tools you cherish and allowing their stories to integrate into your every day, you can live a more hyggeligt life.

Louisa Thomsen Brits says in The Book of Hygge "If we consider and care for each object that we keep, we become producers of meaning rather than consumers of goods.

"When we use a simple, handmade item, there is an interplay that takes place between the object and our own emotions and state of mind. We encounter the possibility of simplicity in ourselves in what we hold in our hands. And we touch the life of the maker."

It is clear that we cannot buy our way to a more hyggeligt life but by choosing handmade and well crafted things we can definitely evoke Hygge.

As British designer, Ilse Crawford says, "Craft makes our homes more human."

hygge6Products: Ojo De Dios blanket
hygge-reste-compPhoto: Audrie Storme;
hygge6Photo: Fernando Morrisoniesko
hygge-6Photo: The Healthy Chef
Products: Open weave wool blanket
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Travel | Vietnam


In 2016 I had the opportunity to visit Vietnam. Flying into Ho Chi Minh, we stayed a few days before heading south to the Mekong Delta. From here we headed up the coast by train to Hoi An and then finished our trip with a few days in Hanoi. I found it a beautiful country, shaped by its long history of conflict. A country of contradictions, from the frenetic streets of Hanoi to the slow way of life along the Delta. 













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