News | Reste opens in George Street

If you follow me on Instagram or you live in Hastings then chances are you will know that reste has opened a shop. I signed the lease on a place in Hastings Old Town back in April and then spent the next two months working hard to get it ready to open in time for the summer season. 

The shop is at the end of George Street, in the centre of the Old Town. In its past life it has been a noodle bar, sandwich bar, fish and chip shop, you name a type of food that you can take away and it will have been sold in my shop!


When I took it on they still had the kitchen in the back room. The plan was to board and decorate this area so that it could be an office space. Everything had to be pulled out, the utilities sealed over, the floor boarded and the walls painted.


The shop had recently been decorated but unfortunately they had painted everything red so it needed quite a few coats. I had to add a shelf under the window, build a counter and fit new lights.



After painting the floor, I had to hang the shelf and the peg board, keeping my fingers crossed that the wall was solid enough to take the weight.

The night before opening I was able to bring in the stock.

The shop opened on the 21st June. After announcing it on Facebook I was delighted to see so many people come along to offer their support on my first day. In the past two months I have been overwhelmed by the goodwill and generosity of the people of Hastings and also the daily visitors. I'm looking forward to the next two months and hopefully the years to come. 


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