The benefits of choosing recycled cotton


Recycling cotton to create blankets or throws is an environmentally sustainable practice that offers several benefits. Firstly, it helps reduce waste and conserves natural resources such as water and energy. Secondly, the process of recycling cotton requires less energy compared to producing new cotton. Finally, using recycled cotton for blankets is generally less expensive than using new cotton.
The process of creating a recycled cotton blanket involves several steps. Firstly, cotton waste is collected from various sources such as textile factories, garment factories, and households. Then, the collected cotton waste is sorted and graded based on the quality and color of the fibers. The cotton fibers are cleaned and decontaminated to remove dirt, dust, and impurities. The cleaned cotton fibers are carded to align the fibers and remove any remaining impurities. The carded cotton fibers are spun into yarns. The yarns are either woven or knitted to create the blanket. Finally, the blanket is finished by trimming the edges, adding any necessary embellishments, and washing and drying it to improve its texture and softness.
Overall, the process of creating our recycled cotton blankets involves several steps but can help reduce waste and promote environmental sustainability.
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