White sage incense


These incense sticks are made by Juniper Ridge and contain only sustainable wild crafted white sage, tree sap and bark and that’s it, nothing else; no perfumes, charcoal, additives or hidden ingredients. 

Californian white sage is a type of incense that is used to cleanse and purify. It’s a popular choice for cleansing a room.

Juniper Ridge specialise in natural aromatics and are dedicated to the  preservation of the wilderness. All of their aromatics and herbs come from the wild and are always sustainably and responsibly harvested. They never kill the plants, instead prune larger shrubs and trees.

When harvesting sage they always trim the clusters at the green stem, above the woody section. Harvesting this way means two or three new clusters will appear the next year where you harvested one. 

  • Pack of 20 sticks
  • Ingredients: white sage, tree sap, bamboo stick
  • Each stick has a burn time of approximately 25mins
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