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Handwoven pet basket


An eye catching and colourful pet basket handmade from durable veta vera grasses in Northern Ghana. The production process is lengthy, each dog basket takes up to three days to weave by hand: this Ghanaian grass is harvested, split, hand-rolled and dyed before a skilled weaver sets to work.

Our supplier partners with 24 weaving cooperatives and over 1000 weavers in Ghana, both male and female. This portable and flexible craft means that weavers can take their work home with them if preferred, completing their weaving around other household tasks and duties to create truly fair trade baskets.  Basket weaving brings women and men the opportunity to earn a valuable second income.

Beacuse each basket is unique, please email and we will send you photos of the baskets we currently have in stock, the basket pictured may not be available.

  • 61-65cm (l) x 39-43cm (w) x 18-22cm (h)
  • Handmade in Northern Ghana
  • Fair Trade
  • Each one is unique
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